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Marketer (Human Resources)
Houston, TX 77001
Recruited by: Lindsey Lee | Corporate Recruiter | THERAPY 2000 See all my Jobs

  • Hiring Company: THERAPY 2000
  • Industry: Human Resources
  • Compensation: to be determined
  • Expires: Apr 16, 2019
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Job Description

JOB TITLE: Recruiter & Community Relations Representative
REPORTS TO: Division Director
Department: Administration
The Community Relations Representative and Recruiter is responsible for the administration of all facets of the recruiting process as well as performing public relations activities and developing working relationships with physicians, referral sources, case managers and other interested parties. This position is critical to Therapy 2000; the Community Relations Representative and Recruiter impacts the revenue and long-term profitability of the company by sourcing and selecting the best possible talent for the company and developing and maintain working relationships with physicians and referral sources for the benefit of THERAPY 2000 and its’ patients.

• Demonstrates knowledge of full-cycle recruiting process; manages the process from job postings, to candidate interviews, to job offers.
• Partners with hiring manager and initiates strategy to fill positions with the company. Builds applicant sources by developing advertisements and accessing internet recruiting sites.
• Conducts data mining and job board searches to identify potential candidates. Manages candidate information in applicant tracking system (ATS).
• Exhibits knowledge of the industry/competitors to understand where potential candidates can be found.
• Corresponds with potential candidates through cold-calls within 24 hours of identifying on the ATS or internet websites.
• Conducts interviews to identify the most qualified candidates for open positions.
• Schedules interviews with hiring managers within 24 hours of initial interviews.
• Communicates benefits and information about company to prospective candidates.
• Conducts background screening as required for the position.
• Communicates hiring decisions to potential candidates and ensures all are treated with respect and dignity.
• Organizes recruiting event.
• Builds and maintains relationships with hiring managers and vendors.
• Develops good working relationship between THERAPY 2000 and area physicians and other referral sources
• Makes office visits to area physicians and referral sources as needed to enhance this relationship and facilitate smooth processes for the benefit of THERAPY 2000 and it’s patients.
• Enhances and develops THERAPY 2000’s public relations profile.
• Conducts physician surveys twice annually via mail and on site when needed in consultation with the Division Director.
• Communicate as needed with physicians or their designated clinical staff to enhance clinical communication between these physicians and THERAPY 2000 clinical staff.
• Adheres to all rules, regulations, code of ethics, guidelines and codes in federal, state and local laws which are concerned with the delivery of home based therapy services.
• Maintains confidentiality of candidate information 100% of the time.
• Meets with supervisor on a weekly basis to review projects and outcomes.
• Brings issues and solutions to supervisor within 24 hours.

• Strong verbal communication and listening skills; ensures that information is passed on to others who should be kept informed.
• Self-starter who works independently with minimal supervision.
• Thrives in a fast-paced environment.
• Energetic and flexible.
• Exhibits initiative and drive to achieve results quickly and correctly.
•   Maintains a calm, tactful demeanor when dealing with difficult situations.
•   Manages multiple projects and timelines with a sense of urgency and follow through.
•   Well organized, analytical, and detail oriented.
•   Forms strategic relationships within team.
•   Identifies additional tasks to be completed and willingly assists others.
•   Follows direction with focused attention.
•   Working knowledge of standard Microsoft Office Suite.
•   Prior Experience working with an applicant tracking system (ATS) required.
•   A licensed healthcare professional preferred with minimum of bachelor’s degree.
•   Minimum 3+ years of recruiting experience preferred.
•   Knowledge of Medicaid services preferred.
•   Experience in patient record documentation and medical office and home health service     processes required.
•   Ability to physically and legally operate a vehicle.
Physical Requirements
NP      Not Present
O        Occasional (Up to 25% of time)
F        Frequent (26%-74% of time)
C        Constant (75% or more of time)
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Standing/Walking: Remaining on one’s feet
in an upright position at a workstation or moving about in a work area.

Sitting: Remaining in a normal seated position.

Carrying: Moving an object usually by holding it in hands or arms, or on shoulders.
Up to 25 lbs.

Lifting: Raising an object from one level to another with hands or arms and/or shoulders, back and legs

Pushing/Pulling: Exerting force upon an object so that object moves away from/towards the force.

Travel: Requires traveling outside geographic area and community events/career fairs after hours and on weekends.

Stooping; Bending body downward and forward by bending spine at waist.

Reaching; Extending hands or arms in any direction.

Handling; Seizing, holding, grasping, turning or otherwise performing precision work with hands.

Bending/Twisting; Continual intermittent twisting of the spine.

Talking; Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken work.

Hearing; Receiving detailed information through oral communication.

Vision; Clarity of vision at near or far distances.

Computer usage or other special equipment operated.