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Recruiter | BPS, LLC

About Company
Bishop Placement Services is a nationwide search firm specializing in the recruitment of top talent primarily in the Restaurant/Hospitality Industry at the following levels: Restaurant/Hotel Operations Level Management, Executive Level and Corporate Level Support Management We have 10+ years recruiting in the Big Box Retail Industry.

What makes you an industry expert for BPS, LLC?

Bishop Placement Services LLC, is solely owned by Otis and Tina Bishop and we are both former Restaurant Industry Executives. We each have more than 20 years of progressive and executive leadership within the restaurant industry. We have hired and screened candidates for our own career success as well as recruited professionally for the restaurant and retail industry for the past 21 years. When talking with candidates and our clients we clearly understand their business and the candidates’ experience. Forty years of success is what makes us an industry expert that you can trust. We participate professionally in the staffing industry and the certification programs. We are both certified as Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) as well as Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS).


Describe an ideal candidate for BPS, LLC?

Our ideal candidate will be an experienced manager that can come from single unit level management to executive level leaders. We are looking for candidates that have a passion for the customer service/food service industry, strong leadership skills and a track record of making a positive impact on their single unit or the 100 store market they currently manage. We are looking for impact players at all management levels. Looking for confidence and pride in who you are, where you have been and what you have been able to accomplish.


What separates BPS, LLC from its competitors?

We have 21 consecutive years in the Restaurant Industry recruiting business. We want to be your recruiter of choice and we work hard to earn your trust. Our passion for this industry is what separates us from our competition. We are not a franchise. Many other agencies are part of a franchise group with purchased markets. Many of those markets are sold over and over.


What additional value do you provide your candidates?

We provide our candidates with honest feedback regarding our ability to help you. Should you enter into the interview process we will make you comfortable knowing what the process will include. You will have one on one conversations throughout the entire interview process and you will know where you stand. We often provide career counseling to help you with where you are and where you want to go in your career. You will have a very through interview with our team and we won't waste your time.


What gets you most excited about BPS, LLC?

What we do positively impacts lives. We help clients improve their organization by representing their brand to great candidates that haven’t considered that organization for employment. It is rewarding when you work with companies that are award winning companies. That really say’s they have award winning people. We celebrate being part of that success.


What does it take to be successful at BPS, LLC?

To be successful working with Bishop Placement as a candidate or client you need to be honest with us about every things. We are here to help you. You have to be a candidate with results, stability and passion. You have to be a client that cares about your people including the recruiter you are working with to do your searches. You have to offer something that is attractive to the people you want to hire. Clients and Candidates must be responsive and communicate when we are working together. Clients must give timely feedback. To be successful working at Bishop Placement as a recruiter you can’t give up. You have to be honest with your candidates and clients when you can’t help them. What we do is hard but you have to know that we change lives. You must have a lot of confidence in yourself and have the ability to communicate clearly and influence others. You have to earn the right to be a trusted advisor to your candidates and your clients. You must have the ability to listen to your candidates and ask a lot of questions. You will need great time management and follow through skills.