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Cleveland, OH 44101
Recruited by: Tom Smith | President | Continental Consultants See all my Jobs

  • Hiring Company: Continental Consultants
  • Industry: Research
  • Compensation: Salary: 85K to 115K
  • Expires: Aug 23, 2022
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Job Description

Cleveland, OH area Specialty Chemical Manufacturer is seeking a R&D CHEMIST:
Will develop new product concepts including proprietary blends using both products and coproducer products. The R&D chemist compiles applications performance requirements specific to the product line. Utilize chemicals, chemical compounds and chemical processes to create new products and technologies. Work in a laboratory setting conducting tests. Tests involve mixing different chemicals or polymers together to discover the results and chemical properties.
Will also utilize computerized databases that contain searchable lists of chemicals and chemical reactions; using those research results to brainstorm ideas for new products. Communicating frequently with team members and other departments. Accurately record all variables, such as chemical type, amount, compound components, chemical temperature and test duration. Adhere to safety standards during laboratory testing and taking additional precautions as needed.
Key duties include but not limited to:
Plan and perform laboratory work to develop a database of properties and uses of all functional products of the corporation.
Identify and implement new product concepts to produce new proprietary blends using products.
Assist marketing/sales with technical expertise and make joint visits as needed to meet existing or new customers.
Provide technical assistance to customers in cases involving product use.
Conduct technical product training of the sales force.
Maintain an awareness of the literature and other sources of information to remain current with developments in the area of functional products of interest to the corporation.
Keep a neat and orderly notebook containing a record of all work done. Maintain other records as necessary to support patent applications for innovative products.
Prepare reports, write technical papers and give technical presentations as appropriate to develop reputation and market presence. Develop hypotheses, design experiments to test those hypotheses, conduct experiments and observe the results of the experimentation.
Form conclusions from their experimentation and might develop new hypotheses for further testing; deduce or infer from that data, proper stoichiometry and concentration, process sequence, raw materials and process equipment.
Develop and analyze prototype samples for customer evaluation by processes that can be conducted on a plant scale; anticipate and resolve issues that might negatively affect plant introduction or product quality; assess processing and raw materials cost.
Translate concepts and ideas into concise concrete production practice, understandable instructions, analytical test methods and research reports. Validate batching of new or reformulated products.
General Requirements:
B.S. degree in chemistry, biology, or chemical engineering, and hands-on lab experience. 5+ years' experience formulating or 2+ years of lubricant additives formulating.
Requirements: Skills, Qualifications, Experience, Special Physical Requirements:
2+ years of industrial and or automotive gear oil formulating experience is a MUST
Problem solving, analytical ability, communication and interpersonal skills a must.
Understanding of analytical chemistry, familiarity with laboratory instrumentation, good math and computer skills.
Exhibit strong interpersonal communication skills, the ability to work in a small company environment where teamwork and team building are necessary for success.
Ability to take on tasks independently without direct supervision.
Accurate and timely documentation and record keeping is essential.
Must pass Department of Homeland Security background check, pre-placement physical and pre-employment drug-screen. Foreign language skills a plus.