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Lisa Trigillo's Jobs at TalentLinc
IT Recruiter | TalentLinc

About Company
TalentLinc is a full service recruiting firm. Our focus is uniting TOP talent with TOP employers. We assist employers with acquiring superior talent and streamlining the recruiting process.

What makes you an industry expert for TalentLinc?

We pride ourselves on knowing exactly what our clients need and truly want.


Describe an ideal candidate for TalentLinc?

Professional, prompt, and skilled. Together we make career transition not only easy but enjoyable and stress-free.


What separates TalentLinc from its competitors?

Honesty, integrity, and commitment to providing the very best service possible.


What additional value do you provide your candidates?

Knowledgeable of our clients inside and out provides our candidates with a complete picture of the great opportunities ahead.


What gets you most excited about TalentLinc?

The opportunity to provide our clients with highly skilled individuals and the chance to help candidates find the job of their dreams.


What does it take to be successful at TalentLinc?

Hard work, interpersonal tact, and uncompromised integrity.