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Kathleen Snow's Jobs at Electric Hospitality
Director of People | Electric Hospitality

About Company

What makes you an industry expert for Electric Hospitality?

Electric Hospitality is the hospitality group that launched, owns and operates award-winning restaurants Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, Muchacho and Golden Eagle, as well as the forthcoming Seabird Oyster Bar, Electric Events, and additional(top secret) businesses and brands.


Describe an ideal candidate for Electric Hospitality?

Ability to demonstrate integrity, honesty, knowledge, and the ability to exceed expectations of guests and team members alike while promoting the culture, values and mission of Electric Hospitality


What separates Electric Hospitality from its competitors?

We believe in the power of bringing Positive Energy, Creativity and Connectivity to our Food & Beverage, Service and Vibe in order to create “Electric Experiences”, and the mission of Electric Hospitality is to bring peace, love, and happiness to our world by creating, serving and sharing Electric Experiences with our teammates, guests and communities.


Kathleen Snow's Top 1 Job

Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Atlanta, GA 30312

Are you looking to jam? Can your creative marketing know-how go toe-to-toe with a small, but growing band of misfits on a cosmic, experimental, free jazz/speed metal/avant garde/trip-hop journey to the center of the unknown? We are pleased to inform you that as Electric Hospitality’s Director of Marketing you will be joining us on the Mobius Strip, and will therefore be granted access to creative nirvana. Here, you will have the freedom to work with multiple brands on multiple platforms, with multiple points of view. As Director of Market...

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PR, digital marketing, restaurants, SEO