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Director of Marketing (Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant)
Atlanta, GA 30312
Recruited by: Kathleen Snow | Director of People | Electric Hospitality See all my Jobs

  • Hiring Company: Electric Hospitality
  • Industry: Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant
  • Compensation: to be determined
  • Expires: Feb 19, 2022
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Job Description

Are you looking to jam? Can your creative marketing know-how go toe-to-toe with a small, but growing band of misfits on a cosmic, experimental, free jazz/speed metal/avant garde/trip-hop journey to the center of the unknown?

We are pleased to inform you that as Electric Hospitality’s Director of Marketing you will be joining us on the Mobius Strip, and will therefore be granted access to creative nirvana. Here, you will have the freedom to work with multiple brands on multiple platforms, with multiple points of view.

As Director of Marketing you will be charged with leading our internal and external marketing teams in the creation and production of original, groundbreaking mixed media content that not only expands the boundaries of decency but also of what the human mind is capable of comprehending. More than anything, you will be responsible for strapping our current and future brands to your jetpack and giving them a first-class ticket to the moon.

At this moment, you may find yourself thinking “this sounds exciting, but is this even legal?”

Great question! We are honestly not sure at the moment, but we prefer to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission, so that will be a job for the corporate legal team to figure out. So if the above describes your talents, interests and future wishes, we strongly encourage you to Apply Now! Please see below for more details.

Director of Marketing Responsibilities:
- Lead the Electric Hospitality marketing team in identifying digital marketing strategies for social media, design, new market entry, repeat business, technology engagement, etc.
- Drive new guests to the brand and raise existing customer engagement through social media, events, promotions, technology, etc.
- Increase guest return visits through loyalty programs, promotions, communication, etc.
- Seek out new partnerships for co-marketing opportunities and lead team in executing events that will attract new guests and excite existing guests
- Work closely with leadership to ensure consistent roll outs of programs in the field (new menu items, marketing campaigns, etc.)
- Develop PR strategies for existing brands and new business concepts
- Continue to improve and develop internal processes and practices to be able to meet future growth goals
- Continue to refine how our brands speak to our guests
- Develop the strategy and manage the entry of our brands into new markets
- Translate the overall business strategy into day to day operations for the marketing team
- Demonstrate integrity, honesty, knowledge, and the ability to exceed expectations of guests and team members alike while promoting the culture, values and mission of Electric Hospitality
- Measure ROI and KPIs and prepare budget accordingly
- Manage online content including website, social media and paid SEO.
- Measure SEO, Google analytics and implement new systems and strategies to increase brand awareness

Job Requirements:

- Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Marketing
- Strong organization and planning experience
- Proven experience with data analytics and CRM
- Strong presentation skills
- Experience with a growth retailer or restaurant is preferred
- Minimum of 5 years marketing leadership experience
- Excellent written/verbal communication skills
- Must be able to manage and react in a fast paced, high growth environment
- Strong organization skills
- Frequent restaurant visits to understand and support the needs of the restaurant managers and teams.
- Excellent writing ability and a passion for storytelling in multiple formats
- Adaptable, flexible, patient and able to work with a high level of independence and autonomy.
- Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously with equally productive results.
- Ability to effectively communicate with people at all levels and from various backgrounds; bilingual skills a plus.
- Please note that this is not a remote position. Electric Hospitality is located in Atlanta, GA.

About Electric Hospitality:

Founded by Atlanta restaurateur, Michael Lennox, Electric Hospitality is the hospitality group that launched, owns and operates award-winning restaurants Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, Muchacho and Golden Eagle, as well as the forthcoming Seabird Oyster Bar, Electric Events, and additional (top secret) businesses and brands.

We believe in the power of bringing Positive Energy, Creativity and Connectivity to our Food & Beverage, Service and Vibe in order to create “Electric Experiences”, and the mission of Electric Hospitality is to bring peace, love, and happiness to our world by creating, serving and sharing Electric Experiences with our teammates, guests and communities.

Have you ever made original videos of cats playing the piano? If so, please do not apply for this position.

Do you enjoy coming up with a generic marketing strategy, with no personality and lifeless graphics that just sit on the screen, staring blankly back at you, putting people in a trancelike daze while bringing them one step closer to their final days? If so, please do not apply for this position.