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CEO | Postings.com
"Matching people with career advancing opportunities"

About Company
We help people advance in their career by matching them with opportunities and companies that share the same passion and goals.

What makes you an industry expert for Postings.com?

Being a leader in the company allows me to direct the overall vision. Helping people make a smart career decision is our focus.


Describe an ideal candidate for Postings.com?

People who are honest with themselves and open to hearing candid advice. We try to be upfront and open with our users and clients.


What separates Postings.com from its competitors?

We are constantly coming up with new ideas and we have a team that is able to deliver them with little direction because they understand the business goals


What additional value do you provide your candidates?

We help them understand their marketplace value and provide insight about the companies that are hiring.


What gets you most excited about Postings.com?

The fact that each day we have the ability to change our course.


What does it take to be successful at Postings.com?

A good sense of how software affects the business. A keen eye and a desire to contribute and make each day worth living.