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Throughout our activities, Odyssey House undertakes to act as a responsible employer and member of the community, and manage the assets of the organization in a professional manner
Nonprofit - New York, NY 10035

MAJOR FUNCTION: This clinical supervisor is responsible for maintaining the quality and effectiveness of clinical services. The position incorporates direct staff supervision and a range of administrative tasks related to clinical operations. The clinical supervisor exercises initiative and judgment in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the treatment program. SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Regular direct observational supervision of clinical services. 2. Ensures adherence to program policies and procedures related to clinical ...

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Substance Abuse, Clincal Supervisor, LCSW, LMSW, LMHC, CASAC
Nonprofit - New York, NM 10035

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor is responsible for providing services which assist clients in obtaining necessary education, vocational skills, interests and work attitudes in order to secure employment. She/he will meet regularly with the interdisciplinary team to communicate information related to the clients’ vocational status. The counselor works closely with the rest of the staff as an integral part of the clinical team. SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Formulate a vocational profile for assigned clients in...

View Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor-CRC Job - New York, NM 10035
Vocational, rehabilitation counselor, CRC
Nonprofit - Bronx, NY 10459

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: The primary goal of the Family Support Navigator (FSN) is to assist families and individuals with gaining an increased understanding of the progression of addiction and how to navigate insurance and treatment systems. This individual develops relationships with local substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery services; managed care organizations; area substance use disorder councils; and community stakeholders to assist families with accessing treatment and support services. The FSN maintains a separate and individual caseload...

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CCAR, Rcovery, coordinate
Healthcare & Medical - New York, NY 10035

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: Responsible for the day to day operation and coordination of an OASAS 819 certified and funded residential services program. She/he is responsible for oversight of job performance, guidance of all program employees and for the direct supervision of designated subordinate staff. She/he is responsible for maintaining OASAS regulatory compliance and assuring that programs operate in accordance with Odyssey House organizational standards. SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Develop and monitor program systems, policies and pro...

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LMSW, LCSW, CASAC, Supervsior, Substance Abuse
Nonprofit - New York, NY 10035

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: The Cook prepares all recipes, meals, is responsible for the complete care, supply and maintenance of the kitchen, also the facilities. She/he may instruct residents in food preparation. SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Plan and post menus under the guidance of the Head Cook and the Director of Nutritional and Food Services. 2. Prepare and cook nutritious meals. 3. Provide direct oversight of residents assigned to kitchen job functions (OASAS Certified Residential Programs only) by supervising designated residents with r...

View Cook PT & FT Job - New York, NY 10035
Food Handler certification, High School Diploma, GED
Healthcare & Medical - New York, NY 10035

MAJOR FUNCTION: Responsible for providing care to a designated caseload, including provision of direct individual and group therapy services, coordination of specialized program services and case management of services provided by referral. SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Gather relevant assessment information for the comprehensive evaluation from collateral sources such as referral sources, medical providers, mental health providers, prior chemical dependency treatment providers and the criminal justice system. 2. Participates in ...

View Counselor CASAC- Various Locations Job - New York, NY 10035
Nonprofit - New York, NY 10035

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: The Nurse is responsible for overseeing access to medication, supporting patient adherence, coordinating healthcare services and conducting patient triage. SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Trains lay-staff in procedures for overseeing patient access to medication and assesses competency through direct observation. 2. Conducts regularly scheduled quality assurance reviews to ensure that access to medication provided by lay-staff complies with all regulatory requirements, including those set forth in OASAS LSB 2012-04 an...

View Registered Nurse Job - New York, NY 10035
RN, CPR, addiction, substance
Nonprofit - New York, NY 10035

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: The Licensed Clinician is responsible for providing individual and group counseling services on a wide range of clinical and community issues for individuals in residential treatment to address a substance use disorder. The Licensed Clinician assists residents and their families in accessing community resources and services related to substance abuse, legal, mental health, medical and vocational/educational needs. The Licensed Clinician functions in a leadership role within the clinical team and provides guidance and direction to t...

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Social works, counseling, LMSW, LCSW, LMHC
Nonprofit - New York, NY 10035

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: The Deputy Director is responsible for oversight of job performance, guidance and direct supervision of the social worker and counseling staff. S/he promotes an atmosphere that encourages individualized services and resident involvement in community activities s/he ensures the efficient scheduling, delivery and timely documentation of group and individual counseling and support services delivered by the unit’s clinical staff. The Deputy Director works hands on with the clinical staff in providing daily guidance to the clinical team....

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CASAC, LMSW, LCSW, Supervisor
Nonprofit - Bronx, NY 10459

MAJOR FUNCTIONS: The Family Therapist is responsible for providing direct counseling and family therapy services to an assigned caseload enrolled in the Functional Family Therapy program. The Family Therapist documents all provided services in a manner that is compliant with regulatory and funding agents. The Family Therapist is available to deliver in the community services as needed. SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Conduct comprehensive evaluation and level of care determinations for adolescents and families applying for service. 2. I...

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LMSW, LMFT, social work