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Cynthia Simpson's Jobs at J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc.
Sr. Recruiter | J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc.

About Company
J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc. is a professional search firm that has specialized in the primary Glass Manufacturing industry nationwide since 1995. We place candidates ranging from mid-level engineering, production and support professionals and managers through the executive level.

What makes you an industry expert for J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc.?

We have been recruiting in the primary glass manufacturing industry since 1995. We have visited Glass Manufacturing plants across the USA to see the manufacturing processes first hand. We know the industry and know where to go to find highly specialized people. We know which companies are strong and which companies are weak. We know the issues in the industry. We have successfully placed many highly qualified and highly sought after people with the leading glass manufacturing companies all over the country.


Describe an ideal candidate for J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc.?

Some of the common characteristics of an ideal candidate would be high energy, enthusiasm, leadership, stability and someone who is very competent in his/her specialty. Glass Manufacturing experience is always valued.


What separates J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc. from its competitors?

In addition to our industry knowledge, we have developed solid relationships with a core group of clients in our specialty niche. We believe in relationship recruiting for both our clients and candidates, so we work very hard to do more listening and less talking.


What additional value do you provide your candidates?

We know our industry. We are honest and ethical and work hard to earn the trust of the people we work with. We carefully listen to candidates and take the time to make sure we understand our candidate’s needs. Each time we submit a candidate’s resume to a client for consideration, we include a coversheet which highlights the value that the candidate can provide to the client. We always follow-up with every candidate to make sure the candidate knows exactly where he/she stands throughout the process. We help guide the offer process to a mutually beneficial conclusion for the candidate and client.


What gets you most excited about J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc.?

The primary glass manufacturing process is a very fast-paced and exciting industry that I thoroughly enjoy recruiting for. We have been recruiting in the glass industry since 1995 and would not be successful today without the wonderful relationships we have developed with a lot of awesome people over the years.


What does it take to be successful at J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc.?

At JT Nelson, you must have a client and candidate centered focus. In addition: Integrity, drive, motivation, enthusiasm, good listening skills, tenacity, rubber skin (must be able to take lots of rejection), willing to learn and willing to change with the times.