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Leader Transportation Compliance (Transportation & Logistics)
South Boston, MA 02061
Recruited by: Josh Slimmer | Recruiter | Jericho HR Group See all my Jobs

  • Hiring Company: Jericho HR Group
  • Industry: Transportation & Logistics
  • Compensation: to be determined
  • Expires: Mar 01, 2023
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Job Description

The Senior Vice President, Transportation Compliance is responsible for ensuring that all company activities involving transportation via highway, rail, vessel or air are conducted in strict compliance with all applicable, Federal, State, Provincial, local and Foreign (where needed) requirements. This position manages both the Corporate based Transportation Compliance personnel as well as field-based personnel.

• Maintain a "satisfactory" safety rating or its equivalent for all motor carriers operating under the Company’s control.
• Maintain a thorough working knowledge of applicable Federal, State, and Provincial regulations pertaining to transportation & solid/hazardous waste rules. Review new and/or amended regulations, obtain clarifications and provide guidance documents to applicable company employees and operational groups.
• Evaluate and recommend fleet safety/compliance improvement projects. Develop, gain approval and implement same.
• Maintain and update as necessary established transportation related policies and procedures. Develop, gain approval and implement new/revised polices as needed.
• Oversee and direct internal audit and inspection programs at all field locations. Develop and implement corrective actions as needed. Support the preparation and response to all transportation related external audits & inspections.
• Ensure all motor carriers maintain compliance with applicable motor carrier safety regulations as it pertains to driver and vehicle management. Programs include but are not limited to hours of service, medical surveillance, driver qualification, controlled substance and alcohol testing, training and vehicle management. Investigate, source and gain approval where necessary of tools and products that can streamline and/or facilitate day to day operations.
• Develop and maintain a comprehensive data collection and reporting program to provide both internal and external customers relevant transportation related statistics. Process all inspections, citations, notices of violations and allocate all associated costs. Negotiate, on a case-by-case basis settlement agreements with applicable government agencies.
• Oversee all Federal, State, Provincial and local transportation permitting activities including related operating and fee report preparation and submittal. Reconcile all associated fees and allocate appropriately.
• Liaison between Transportation Compliance and other corporate departments to ensure policies, procedures and programs do not contradict and/or conflict with other corporate initiatives. Ensure clear communication exists between departments and all requested assistance is rendered. Maintain close partnership with Fleet Operations Department and ensure goals and objectives are aligned.
• Investigate all incidents and accidents, obtain all relevant information, make all necessary oral and/or written notifications and track and confirm corrective actions. Participate in all relevant accident/incident review meetings.
• Partner with Internal Regulatory Training to ensure all applicable training materials and reference materials are current, develop and implement standalone topic driven awareness modules, develop, implement and deliver specific topic driven training courses (i.e. Coordinator & General Manager Training);
• Partner with Facility Compliance to ensure Truck-to Truck transfer network is managed and operated in compliance with Federal, State, Provincial and Local regulations. Maintain and update Compliance manual.
• Ensure Company safety and security plan is current and in place. Update as necessary. Address all security related issues and/or concerns.
• Provide 24/7 on call services for transportation related incidents and events. Ensure all applicable staff and departments are informed and all necessary support, guidance and assistance is rendered.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation, Logistics, Environmental Science required.
• Prior experience in a regulatory compliance role involving hazardous and/or solid waste activities in either the private or public sector preferred.
• 10+ years working in the transportation.
• Prior responsibility for at least 500 vehicles
• Strong cross border experience as this person will be involved with Canada.
• Experience with DOT Audits and DQ files are required.
• Experience improving CSA scores.
• Maintain a current driver’s license and able to maintain a valid Light Truck File where applicable.
• Extensive knowledge of Federal, State and Provincial transportation and hazardous/solid waste regulations under all modes of transportation.
• Working knowledge of applicable worker protection rules and regulations.
• Excellent communications, writing and presentation skills.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Excellent employee management skills.
• Proficient in Windows based applications including but not limited to Excel, Word and PowerPoint.