About Postings.com

Postings is the most advanced Social Recruiting Platform

Postings.com is a cloud based software as a solution platform that enables companies and recruiters to greatly improve their recruiting programs. Through Five key strategies we streamline the process of sourcing candidates, force ranking them and automating interview scheduling.

Postings.com shortens communications cycles through message delivery on all devices via email and text. Messages and responses are integrated into one view which enables continuity of conversations regardless of device or communication methodology.

Postings.com reduces front office recruiter workload, allowing them to focus on higher value activities. Candidates resumes are automatically imported and parsed into searchable digital files. With a few clicks, create targeted emails and text campaigns to imported candidates and/or access a growing database of 3.5 million candidates.

Postings.com delivers analytics that make it possible for recruiters to easily track the complete flow of job posting views, applies and interviews enabling decision makers the right decision.

Postings.com improves advertising efficiencies by allowing recruiters to target goals apply and interview goals per job, automatically pausing job delivery when goals are met.

Postings.com improves the candidate experience by delivering a simple mobile friendly method to communicate with their recruiter.

Postings.com was initially created in 2005 and is owned by Mingle, LLC, based in San Diego, California.