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David Ware
Construction & Extraction - Libra Electric Company

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Nydia Villegas
Manufacturing & Production - Sovereign Pharmaceuticals LLC

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Shannon Malone
Other - Carvana

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Cori Christiansen
Manufacturing & Production - Production Products

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Human Resources
Education, Training, & Library - CareerConext

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Ezekiel Hernandez
Information Technology - Websites Depot Inc.

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Webb Wheel
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - Webb Wheel Products Inc

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Maritza Mendez
Other - Mac Haik Auto Group

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Cynthia Simpson
Accounting & Finance - J.T. Nelson & Associates, Inc. - 66215

We have been recruiting in the primary glass manufacturing industry since 1995. We have visited Glass Manufacturing plants across the USA to see the manufacturing processes first hand. We know the industry and know where to go to find highly specialized people. We know which companies are strong and which companies are weak. We know the issues in the industry. We have successfully placed many highly qualified and highly sought after people with the leading glass manufacturing companies all over the country.. Some of the common characteristics of a...

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Sarah Andeson
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Phoenix Parking Solutions

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