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Angelo Seghetti
Science & Biotech - SimulStat Inc.

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Sonia Martinez
Insurance - McAnally Wilkins, Inc

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Carrie France
Customer Service - Best Days Travel - 46714

I am the owner. I am looking for someone who loves to travel, who loves to help people, and who is willing to learn. . We go above and beyond for each and every client. . Personal one on one customer service, we are available 24 hours a day. . Our goal is to help make our client have some of the best days of their life. . Dedication to the client, and willingness to learn.

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Nancy Kitchel
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Gaido's Seaside Inn

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Trevor Whitis
Health & Wellness - Summit Climbing Yoga Fitness

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Heather McGinnis
Customer Service - American Logistics, LLC

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Diamond Knot
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Diamond Knot Brewing Co - 98275

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Katie Lamb
Nonprofit - New Hope Housing

compassionate, servant heart, innovative. compassion, go-getter attitude. excellent benefits, wonderful working environment. the mission. innovative, hard working, dedicated.

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Krissy Velleca
Construction & Extraction - S&P USA Ventilation Systems, LLC

HR Manager. High energy and diversification. Leadtimes and the ability to meet custom order requirements.. Continued improvement. The family atmosphere that we have been able to keep.. The ability to be a team player.

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Ben Jones
Science & Biotech - SimulStat Inc.

Experienced in technical contract and direct hire recruiting with an astute understanding of our clients and consultants needs. . Someone with thorough experience and education in Clinical SAS Programming, Bio-statistics or Epidemiology. . Personable and proactive in building relationships, taking out the old fashioned transactional approach and focusing on our clients and consultants goals. . Exceptional customer service and efficiency, providing solutions, setting expectations for our clients/consultants, and reliable.. SimulStat are the "Go-to" ex...

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