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Rami Designs
na - Rami Designs

For over thirty five years we have served developers, general contractors, architects, designers and home owners nationwide and provide superior workmanship and the finest quality of the service. . Here are the big seven Rami Designs is looking for in each candidate: 1.Intelligence: refers to your level of common sense and your practical ability to deal with the day-to-day challenges of the job. 2.Leadership ability: your willingness and the desire to accept responsibility for results. 3.Integrity:perfectly honest with yourself and in your relatio...

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Brenna Elieson
Sales & Sales Management - Clearlink

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Austin Staffing
Human Resources - Austin Staffing, Inc.

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Bill Prewitt
Education, Training, & Library - Tuff Tumblers, Inc.

Our company has been around for nearly 30 years. We pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide the schools/students in the Bay Area.. Great pay, flexible hours, caring staff.

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Jessica Herrera
Insurance - Allstate Ins. Hermes Agency

1 year experience in sales, 1 year customer service. Friendly, Sales Oriented, Driven.. Reputation. Reviews and hands on training. Ability to earn bonuses. Self Managed

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Danielle Sabra
Human Resources -

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Ana Milian
Other - Florida Silica Sand Company

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Melanie Iverson
Healthcare & Medical - RM Nurses, LLC. - 92101

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Missy Stokes
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - Bridgestone Retail Operations

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Dasia Sterling
Accounting & Finance - Lysios Staffing - 75234

I have over 7 years of recruiting experience and over 15 years in sales and marketing. I combine these skills to source, find and help candidates across various industries find jobs with quality employers. . We look for top talent with a minimum of two year's of experience. . Our exceptional attention to detail and our focus on matching the right candidate to the right employer. . When a job seeker applies to one of our jobs, we also take the time to match you to other listed and non listed job openings. We do this matching based on your resume, exper...

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