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Yvonne Sommerfeld
Information Technology - InspiredHigher, Inc. - 94019

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Marieliz Moore
Accounting & Finance - Business Cents

Over 20 years of experience to clients throughout 20 plus states. . Our clients and company culture is what truly separates us from our competitors. We are able to focus on our clients and provide top level service because of our dedicated, caring and educated staff. . Our team!

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Human Resources
Human Resources - SinglePoint HCM

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Brian O'Michael
Information Technology - Intermingle LLC

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Scott Clark
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - International Exports Co.

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Human Resources
Other - Road Runner Stores

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Maritza Narro
Healthcare & Medical - North Texas Healthcare Laundry

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Amy Rubin
Military & Government - Patriot Contract Services, LLC

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Jo Baxter
Healthcare & Medical - San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center

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Ron Mealey
Construction & Extraction - Custom Electrical Services

We deliver outstanding customer service and professional training for our electricians. We stay up to date with the latest trends in wiring methods and products. We are central Iowa's residential experts. . We are looking for someone that is not only a great electrician but also great with our customers! We need someone who takes pride in there work and will go above and beyond for the customer.. Our electricians are the face of the company. They are the ones out in the field meeting customers on a daily basis. We give them the training the time...

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