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Amanda Ritter
Real Estate & Building Maintenance - P Custom Homes

Custom design build firm building in all metroplex locations. We do all types of construction both residential and commercial, new and renovation. I am happy to be part of the HR team to build the hiring department. -401k and Roth 401k benefits Equity (stock options) -Medical, dental, vision coverage Life insurance, Disability insurance options -Unlimited vacation time (woohoo!) as well as flexible working hours -Wellness/Fitness, Learning & Development, Mobile Phone benefits. We create individual works of art tailored to each client's lifestyle ...

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Deirdre Davison-Smyth
Healthcare & Medical - Carolinas Fertility Institute

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Becky Richter
Manufacturing & Production - Premium Alloys

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Karla Van Winkle
Manufacturing & Production - Gold Eagle Company

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Christa Myrick
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Zaxby's

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Kristina White
Other - Austin Task Inc

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Katie Lamb
Nonprofit - New Hope Housing

compassionate, servant heart, innovative. compassion, go-getter attitude. excellent benefits, wonderful working environment. the mission. innovative, hard working, dedicated.

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Krissy Velleca
Construction & Extraction - S&P USA Ventilation Systems, LLC

HR Manager. High energy and diversification. Leadtimes and the ability to meet custom order requirements.. Continued improvement. The family atmosphere that we have been able to keep.. The ability to be a team player.

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Valerie Daigle
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Dairy Queen

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Jessica Dominguez
Management & Business - Wingstop

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