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John Kolcun
Manufacturing & Production - Hotset America Corporation

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Kathleen Snow
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Electric Hospitality - 30312

Electric Hospitality is the hospitality group that launched, owns and operates award-winning restaurants Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, Muchacho and Golden Eagle, as well as the forthcoming Seabird Oyster Bar, Electric Events, and additional(top secret) businesses and brands. . Ability to demonstrate integrity, honesty, knowledge, and the ability to exceed expectations of guests and team members alike while promoting the culture, values and mission of Electric Hospitality. We believe in the power of bringing Positive Energy, Creativity and Connectivity ...

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Jayme Stanley
Construction & Extraction - Stylecraft

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Erin Wilson
Other - International Guard Services

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Trevor Whitis
Health & Wellness - Summit Climbing Yoga Fitness

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Joe Roberts
Sales & Sales Management - Poured

I have been hiring retail professional for the last 10 years across the best brands in the industry.. Excellent character, self motivated, aware of strengths and opportunities. . POURED is the most exceptional culture in the fashion industry. Giving talent the opportunity to work at a variety of premium brands all while creating their own schedule.. We provide candidates great flexibility to make as much income as they would like. We give them great exposure across many of the premier fashion brands in the world and we also do this at the highest rate...

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Heather McGinnis
Customer Service - American Logistics, LLC

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Janelle Gearheart
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Diamond Knot Brewing Co - 98275

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Anne Henry
Insurance - SquareTrade

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Deirdre Davison-Smyth
Healthcare & Medical - Carolinas Fertility Institute

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