Become a Partner:

We love working with all types of companies across the United States and Canada. Our partnerships break down into three types: Job Board Partners and Distribution Partnerships, Resellers & Advertising Agencies and Integration Partnerships.

Job Board and Distribution Partnerships: is always interested in working with new job boards. The more niche the better. We are currently looking to establish relationships that introduce our jobs to new audiences through new mediums. Do you have a community of Nurse Practitioners or Web Developers? We are very interested in working together.

Reseller & Advertiser Agencies:

Do you touch the SMB market, or focus on selling to recruiters and HR staff? loves our reseller network and would love to make you an addition. Resellers earn money each month simply by referring clients. Our resellers earn a commission for each month a referee stay active.

Are you a recruitment advertising agency interested in improving your client job spend ROI? We will work tirelessly to post your jobs on the boards that provide the highest value. We have measurable success and the analytics to prove it.

Integration Partnerships:

Do you have the world’s best ATS, but clients who want better analytics on what is working? We would love to work with you. It is likely that we already have clients in common that would benefit from our working together.

Do you have software that our recruiters and business owners could benefit from? We have integrated background checks and video interviewing, but there is so much more that we can add! Let us know what you are thinking.

If you are interested in a Partnership, we would love to hear from you:

Please send an email to