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VP of Marketing
Marketing & Advertising - Rancho Dominguez, CA 80220

Description : Our client is a family business with a long history of success in the furniture space. They are seeking a hands-on VP of Marketing to oversee marketing operations, strategy, and project management for their small marketing team, focused on both D2C and B2B efforts. Responsibilities: - Serve as marketing leader for the organization, providing both in-the-weeds direct marketing support and high-level marketing strategy - Work closely with product development and sales teams to ensure product lineup and communication strategy align...

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Senior Web Developer
Marketing & Advertising - Los Angeles, CA 90029

Job Description Websites Depot is an accomplished award-winning web boutique. We’ve won several awards in addition to being a Google Partner. Our focus is on SEO, marketing, e-commerce, and web design. Located in Silver Lake, we’re a small but growing team of motivated and goal oriented individuals. With fifteen years of experience Websites Depot is well established and expanding our reach. We are seeking a Web Developer/Programmer in a full-time role. Must be experienced, skilled, and dedicated. Responsibilities Ability to build and optimize w...

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Web Development, Coding, PHP, WordPress, Web Design, Marketing
Digital Marketing Account Executive and Project Manager
Marketing & Advertising - Los Angeles, CA 90029

Our ideal account executive must have some level of work experience and working knowledge of the online marketing industry which includes, but is not limited to, search engine rankings, pay per click advertising, content marketing, social media, and complementary tools involved in successful campaigns. The main ability of our ideal candidate will be to communicate with multiple clients in a given day and multitask between major projects and campaigns. This could include SEO campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, website development projects, and o...

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SEO, Digital Marketing, Project Manager, Web Development,