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VP, Distribution (Ft. Worth, TX)
Transportation & Logistics - Fort Worth, TX 76140

The Division Vice President plans, manages, and executes all distribution-related functions to achieve goals consistent with division profitability and provide excellent service to client’s customers and teammates. • Recommend distribution operating budget along with capital expenditure requirements; effectively administer, monitor, control, and develop the systems and policies necessary to achieve effective distribution expense control. • Be accountable for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations governing our distribution centers and Trans...

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Leader Transportation Compliance
Transportation & Logistics - South Boston, MA 02061

The Senior Vice President, Transportation Compliance is responsible for ensuring that all company activities involving transportation via highway, rail, vessel or air are conducted in strict compliance with all applicable, Federal, State, Provincial, local and Foreign (where needed) requirements. This position manages both the Corporate based Transportation Compliance personnel as well as field-based personnel. • Maintain a "satisfactory" safety rating or its equivalent for all motor carriers operating under the Company’s control. • Maintain a thorough wo...

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Inventory Control Manager (Arlington, TX)
Transportation & Logistics - Arlington, TX 76014

The Inventory Control Manager is responsible for maintaining appropriate inventory levels for all products stocked at the center and determines appropriate stock levels based on historical data and future requirements. • Maintain accurate records on all product inventoried at the center; monitoring rotation/transfer of stock while avoiding shortages, out-of-stock items, and obsolete items, monitoring inbound item master and make changes to reflect correct locations for product and set-up locations for new product. • Locally procure product to restock inve...

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