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Sarah Duncan
Public Utilities & Services - Evolution Air

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Joe C
Information Technology - Postings

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steve trincanati
Healthcare & Medical - 3Digital Group, LLC

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Jerry Frank
Science & Biotech - Robsco Search

21 years of ecperience recruiting for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.. A candidate that has not moved from one position to another in a short period of time. . More focused on the positions that are clients ask us to fill for them. We give the candidates as much information we can on the client and the area in whcih the the position is located.. Great place to work, many of the recruiters who work here have been here for a long time. Concentrate on what you are doing

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Michelle Zhang
Information Technology - Pariveda Solutions

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Michael McNeil
Sales & Sales Management - AFG

Experience and knowledge.. Motivated and hard working. Work ethic and desire to be the best. Uncapped earning potential, benefits, great work environment. The opportunity potential is unlimited. Hard working, have a desire to learn, and willing to put forth the effort to build a 6 figure career within 2-3 years.

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Cathy Owell
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - Coast to Coast Computer Products, Inc.

I have been in the Industry for going on 18 years and I study my craft, as Technology is constantly evolving ...I want grow with the changing times. Some4one with a good attitude and who enjoys talking on the phone and is enthusiastic. . We are more about the customer needs and we are a family.. I train from the ground up...Not afraid to hire people with little or no experience in the Industry. The fact that we change people lives. . A commitment to grow and learn and willingness to learn as we grow together

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Jennifer Reed
Nonprofit - The Home for Little Wanderers

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Matthew Smith
Other - The Solomon Business Group LLC

We are considered a leader in our industry in the North Florida area helping good people find jobs with good companies, all at no fee to the associate. . Dependable, energetic, fast learner, and coachable . We take pride in taking care of our clients and associates. . Respecting people and impacting business.

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Career Experts
Accounting & Finance - Career Experts

over 50 yrs of combined experience. skilled and professional. over 50 years of combined industry experience. able to assist with job search and resumes, interview coaching etc. the variety of jobs we offer and fill. Flexibility and industry / market knowledge

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