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Patricia Martin
Information Technology - Energized Talents Solutions, Inc.

Over 18 years in recruitment and placement of Engineering and IT skill sets. . That's a tough one as it varies from client to client. As the positions I recruit for are direct hire my clients like to see stability on a resume. More than 2 years at each company. . We aren't managed to metrics so we work to get to know our clients and find candidates who fit their needs. . Communication and a personal approach. I do my best to communicate with candidates who I screen. Unfortunately time does not allow for responding to each application but once I engage...

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Joe C
Information Technology - Postings

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Jason Matuska
Information Technology - Configuration Management, Inc.

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Deborah Trette
Information Technology - 21Tech/Talent Table, LLC

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Danielle Mastrella
Information Technology - HomeAdvisor

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Paragon Development Systems Inc.
Information Technology - Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (PDS) - 53005

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Kenneth Jamaca
Information Technology - Silverback Migration Solutions, Inc - 94551

I founded the company in 2003 - we've grown every year since. . Well rounded, dedicated, customer focused - top 3.. We are a powerhouse in our space, the 800lb gorilla, so to speak.. * A great team-oriented environment * The freedom to work remotely * A chance to be creative and make a difference * A competitive compensation package * Excellent medical benefits * Generous vacation policy. The people. My team is quite diverse in personality and skillset - but we come together for customer projects like no other. It really is impressive to watch.. ...

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Jill Hanna
Information Technology - RDX

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Marjorie Kolkin
Information Technology - Compass Systems & Programming Inc

40+ years in IT including 15 in development and 26+ as a recruiter for Compass.. Have a strong IT background along with an enthusiasm and love of the industry, and a desire to learn and grow in their field.. We take the time to listen and understand our clients, consultants, and candidates and make sure we match the right person to the right job.. We make it a point to communicate every step of the way. We won't leave you wondering where you are at. What we know, you'll know.. Finding good people their next great job.. Enjoying making a good match b...

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Gregory Goodin
Information Technology - BCforward

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