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Nasser Jamal
Information Technology - BCforward

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Greg Jack
Information Technology - BCforward

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Susannah Quandt
Information Technology - BCforward

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David Heath
Information Technology - BCforward

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Alex Schank
Information Technology - BCforward

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Joe C
Information Technology - Postings

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Jason Matuska
Information Technology - Configuration Management, Inc.

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Deborah Trette
Information Technology - 21Tech/Talent Table, LLC

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Steve Campisi
Information Technology - My Data Flo

35 years in the business - Engineering degree. System sales with hardware technology - Data collection experience.. Small, agile to respond, the level of knowledge.. The ability to make money, win friends and influence people and projects. Where we are taking our company in the SaaS business. Hard work, honesty, reliable and product knowledge, respect.

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Paragon Development Systems Inc.
Information Technology - Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (PDS)

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