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Yolanda Mendoza
Nonprofit - Rosemary Children's Services

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Integrated Behavioral Technologies
Nonprofit - Integrated Behavioral Technologies

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Odyssey House, Inc.
Nonprofit - Odyssey House, Inc. - 10005

Human Resources Generalist. A person that is adaptable and innovative. Odyssey House creates a learning environment for all its employees.. We are committed to hiring candidates who are passionate about their skills and the work the will do.

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Suzanne Dastin
Nonprofit - MSEC

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Shante Lampkin
Nonprofit - Neighborhood House Association - 92111

I am genuinely concerned about the growth, development, and betterment of our community, as is the Neighborhood House Association. The passion along with the knowledge and skill I have for what I do makes me an industry expert for Neighborhood House Association.. The ideal candidate for Neighborhood House Association is one that is dedicated to our mission of developing children, families, and the community we serve and personifies our values: integrity, service, and excellence.. Neighborhood House Association services the community and whole family u...

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Lauren Grant
Nonprofit - Home Forward - 97204

Seasoned HR profile with a distinct eye for talent.. Passionate, open-minded and an undying thirst for knowledge. . Our carefully selected staff.. Flexible work schedules and diverse culture.. Our passion for the community and those we serve.. Always find innovative ways to serve our clients

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Ronnie Ricci
Nonprofit - Center for Sustainable Energy

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