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Ana Milian
Other - Florida Silica Sand Company

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Jay Kazen
Other - The Talent Professionals

Started this company and have been recruiting since 2006. Someone who can read the entire job description, follow directions and pay attention to little details. First impressions matter. Personal, creative and we get results. Honest and forward; if your CV needs work, I will tell you and provide you tools to change/edit it. Finding a great candidate who is really excited about the position and employer. Paying attention to the details

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Cary Salero
Other - Eastern Waste System, Inc.

13 years. Team player. Work environment. Flexibility. Opportunities. Organization

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Ashley Hrynko
Other - Millennium Information Services, Inc. - 60143

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Sean McHenry
Other - Cottonwood North

COTTONWOOD NORTH is a partner of Cottonwood Electric that has been servicing San Diego since 1979, for sales, service, parts, and rentals in the golf car/utility & transportation industry. COTTONWOOD NORTH is a new and growing company and our small staff combined has over 35 years of experience. . COTTONWOOD NORTH is looking for both experienced techs and individuals eager to learn and be trained. Candidates must have excellent communication skills both with customers and team mates. Candidates must be able to diagnose issue on electric and gas veh...

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Matthew Smith
Other - The Solomon Business Group LLC

We are considered a leader in our industry in the North Florida area helping good people find jobs with good companies, all at no fee to the associate. . Dependable, energetic, fast learner, and coachable . We take pride in taking care of our clients and associates. . Respecting people and impacting business.

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Carmen Peschke
Other - Environmental Management Services, Inc. - 20850

Environmental Management Services, Inc. (EMSI) has been providing Sustainable Solutions for disposal and environmental challenges to our clients in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area for the past 27 years. We have received recognition for our environmental work by EPA, the State of Maryland, Montgomery County Government & City of Rockville. . Minimum 2 years working experience with hazardous waste, mechanically inclined, can maintain lab equipment, knowledge of DOT/EPA/RCRA/OSHA regulations. Someone with knowledge of cleaning up chemical spills in...

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Kimberly Presnell
Other - Schneider Tree Care - 29687

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Leah McGriff
Other - Kelly Services - 32216

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Amanda Porter
Other - NGP Management dba Dunkin Donuts

tbd. tbd. tbd. Room for growth, great benefits, fun culture! . tbd. tbd

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