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William Straub
Human Resources - Consulting Professional Resources - 15209

Over 20 years' of solving our client's staffing needs. Having the right job skills is non negotiable but hiring people who are passionate about their job and take price in their company is essential.. It all starts with a strong relationship with the hiring manager. That gives us an on-target job description so that we do not waste the client or candidate.. We follow up with every candidate in a timely manner and we make sure that the candidate is kept in the loop on the position that applied for. . Our commitment to our core values of integrity, ho...

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Jenny Budd
Human Resources - Coastal Payroll

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Paul Fleischman
Human Resources - Alliance Payroll Services - 77381

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Emily Nelson
Human Resources - Mingle, LLC

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Kathleen Lynch
Human Resources - TalentMatch LLC

An experienced and result driven professional possessing an outstanding record of accomplishment within the Recruitment and Talent Management industry. With over twenty five years experience providing custom recruitment services to both large national firms and niche start ups throughout North America, this hardworking manager excels at conceiving unique solutions to customer "people" needs. . As we staff a number of different opportunities in various vertical markets -ideal candidates are those that are communicative, focused and hard working. . Tal...

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Lindsey Goetz
Human Resources - Lofton Corporation

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Scott Hunt
Human Resources - Aloha HR - 89107

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Carlton Cain
Human Resources -

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Jade Edwards
Human Resources - A+ Staffing - 75209-3137

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Gail Malone
Human Resources - ANCILE Solutions, Inc. - 21075

I have over 10 years of recruitment experience both for Corporations and Staffing Agencies covering various industries. . The ideal candidate is a self starter who can wear many hats. Our employees are customer focused and team oriented.. We have the leading product on the market to help organizations maximize their technology investment by driving user adoption.. I believe in full transparency and respect during the interview process. In a perfect career dance, both parties have something significant to offer and its my role to facilitate and chor...

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