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Rick Gerrish
Customer Service - Fisher-Gerrish Agencies

proven success. Energetic, upbeat, Sense of urgency, Competitive, driven, hard work, dedicated, . We supply top notch training by people who have proven success in the company. a 10 year retirement . The career track to get promoted within the company. hard work and a never give up attitude

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Jason Joyner
Customer Service - SquareTrade - 92101

The ideal candidate will be Customer Obsessed. We need candidates who puts the customer first and will do whatever it takes to serve the needs of our customers.. Speed of service and customer service. We have proven that you do not have to sacrifice customer service in the name of speed.. We are an employee centric organization. We strive to show our employees they are valued by providing breakfast, lunch, video game consoles, casual work environment, among many other perks! We truly value our employees.. The culture at SquareTrade is second to no...

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Paul Zuzick
Customer Service - Fisher-Zuzick Agency

I have been working within the industry for many years and have encountered nearly every . Diplomacy, tact, patience and quick thinking are essential. 1-2 years previous customer service experience is preferred and the ideal candidate will be proficient with benefit options. Must have the ability to multi-task, stay organized, pay close attention to detail and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. . 7 years of double digit growth. Full training, we only promote from within, . Opportunity and the growth that has been a constant for yea...

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Lacey Lester
Customer Service - United Central Control - 78229-3275

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