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TTS Granite
Construction & Extraction - TTS Granite

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Bennett White
Construction & Extraction - Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. - 95472-5258

A never ending pursuit of excellence.. Trustworthy. Servants heart, money is the by product of a job well done, not the other way around.. We don't just want them to invest into us we invest into them.. The trust we earn from our clients after meeting and hopefully beating their expectations. Trustworthiness, team player, oh yeah, skills help.

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Gina Lomeli
Construction & Extraction - Fouts Eletric Corporation

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Jack Wilson
Construction & Extraction - C&S Rail Services

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Jackie Bzymek
Construction & Extraction - Michigan CAT - 48375

Someone who wants to make a difference within our organization. Someone who enjoys challenges and looks for ways to make things better. Someone who wants unlimited opportunities to grow personally and professionally. . Michigan CAT owns over 60% of the Heavy Equipment market in Michigan.. Family atmosphere and unlimited growth potential.

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Nicole Frank
Construction & Extraction - Hyder Construction - 80204

Long tenure in the industry and in HR.. Demonstrate Integrity, Professionalism, and Accountability in all they say and do.. We think outside the box to bring the best value to our clients and bring passion to building.. We're capable, reliable and versatile.. The projects we build and the staff we build with.. Passion and motivation.

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