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Amanda *****
Engineering & Architecture - The Sliding Door Company

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McCain Boiler Services
Engineering & Architecture - McCain Boiler Services - 35124

McCain has been a full service boiler plant equipment provider and repair company for over 90 years. In addition to providing boiler and related equipment we offer A.S.M.E. Code authorized repair services nationally and beyond, engineering, and fabrication. Our skilled workforce can provide on-site repairs to all boiler related systems. We can also provide your facility with temporary boiler equipment from our extensive rental boiler fleet.. Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years experience on industrial projects. Should be capable of welding, fitt...

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Joe C
Engineering & Architecture - Mingle

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Joe C
Engineering & Architecture - Mingle

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Michael Nord
Engineering & Architecture - MSN Enterprises Inc

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Sharon Fennell
Engineering & Architecture - ReNuke Services, Inc.

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Rich Serby
Engineering & Architecture - GeoSearch, Inc.

28 years of experience with both domestic and international project ability. . Qualified geospatial talent is ideal. . Specialization in the recruitment of geospatial talent. . Access to specialized employers in small and mid markets. . GeoSearch matching of qualified talent with qualified employers. . Excellent timing and skill sets lead to successful matches.

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Cathy Niese
Engineering & Architecture - Mannik & Smith Group Inc - 43537

I handle the hiring acquistion.. Professional, experienced, dedicated, being a team player.. Diversity and expertise.. Exceptional salary and benefit package.. Committment and Dedication.

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Rita Smieska
Engineering & Architecture - Fori Automation, Inc. - 48315

In-house corporate recruiter.. Someone that has moved up in their company from entry level to 3- 10 years of industry experience in Automation of Assembly, Testing and Welding Equipment, Controls, Mechanical, Electrical, Test Engineers, Machine Builders, Electricians, Customer Service. . . Most of the companies is Michigan are automotive driven, while Fori has diverse business Aerospace and non-automotive . Flex time, bonus eligibility, travel and full benefits. . The company is privately owned and treats their employees with great respect. I am ve...

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Angie Kruser
Engineering & Architecture - Eagle Point Software Corp.

I have been with Eagle Point Software Corporation for 17 years. I have worked in several areas of the company including sales, human resources, administration, and customer service.. An ideal candidate for Eagle Point Software is someone that has the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job duties but more importantly, the candidate has the core values we believe will make them a great fit in our culture.. Our product, the Pinnacle Series along with our employees sets us worlds apart from our competitors. Eagle Point Software Corporation tru...

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