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Steve Campisi
Information Technology - My Data Flo

35 years in the business - Engineering degree. System sales with hardware technology - Data collection experience.. Small, agile to respond, the level of knowledge.. The ability to make money, win friends and influence people and projects. Where we are taking our company in the SaaS business. Hard work, honesty, reliable and product knowledge, respect.

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Paragon Development Systems Inc.
Information Technology - Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (PDS)

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Manish kochhar
Information Technology - Maven Companies, Inc

I am doing recruitment for 10 years. Hardworking. enthusiastic. prior interview details. responsiveness for candidates. never die attitude

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Kenneth Jamaca
Information Technology - Silverback Migration Solutions, Inc - 94551

I founded the company in 2003 - we've grown every year since. . Well rounded, dedicated, customer focused - top 3.. We are a powerhouse in our space, the 800lb gorilla, so to speak.. * A great team-oriented environment * The freedom to work remotely * A chance to be creative and make a difference * A competitive compensation package * Excellent medical benefits * Generous vacation policy. The people. My team is quite diverse in personality and skillset - but we come together for customer projects like no other. It really is impressive to watch.. ...

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Meagan Carrillo
Information Technology -

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Kevin Cowman
Information Technology - BlueWave - 32789

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Jill Hanna
Information Technology - RDX

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Marjorie Kolkin
Information Technology - Compass Systems & Programming Inc

40+ years in IT including 15 in development and 26+ as a recruiter for Compass.. Have a strong IT background along with an enthusiasm and love of the industry, and a desire to learn and grow in their field.. We take the time to listen and understand our clients, consultants, and candidates and make sure we match the right person to the right job.. We make it a point to communicate every step of the way. We won't leave you wondering where you are at. What we know, you'll know.. Finding good people their next great job.. Enjoying making a good match b...

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David LaVoie
Information Technology - RSG - 33614

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Denise Lidell
Information Technology - High-Tech Professionals - 92142-1175

I have a BS in Computer Science and used to be a software engineer. I've been in the tech industry for over 25 years have a good understanding of the kind of skills our clients are looking for as well as the kind of positions that would be a good career move for skilled professionals. As a result, whenever this firm brings together a qualified candidate to an open position, the result is usually a very good “match”.. Candidates with a background in Engineering, IT, Sales and Marketing, Project and Executive management positions in the high tech indu...

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