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Matthew Smith
Other - The Solomon Business Group LLC

We are considered a leader in our industry in the North Florida area helping good people find jobs with good companies, all at no fee to the associate. . Dependable, energetic, fast learner, and coachable . We take pride in taking care of our clients and associates. . Respecting people and impacting business.

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Jena Grees
Other - Vortex USA

World leader in the aquatic play industry, Vortex Aquatic Structures International Inc. is specialized in the design, manufacturing, distribution, installation and sale of aquatic play products, which offer a unique design for interactive play in water for the whole family. . An ambitious, self-motivated person, that thrives in a fast-paced environment.. At Vortex our goal is to connect – connect children, friends, families and communities through incredible play experiences using water. Internally, we create connections as well through multidiscip...

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Ryan Micheletti
Other - Shield Corps Security

Military Security Training. A reliable, hard working professional who is focused and pays attention to detail . We hire veterans and provide better levels of customer service. Growth opportunities within the company and flexible work schedules. Helping the world be a safer place. Honor, Commitment and Communication

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Kim Presnell
Other - Schneider Tree Care

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Shelly Wells
Other - Cornerstone Credit Services

I speak with people from all different professional backgrounds and I continually look for ways to give people a clear idea of what it means to work here, and I ask them to give me a clear idea of who they are, how a career here fits in with their view of the world, and how they expect to make a difference.. An ideal candidate is a person that keeps their mind open to the possibilities of what they can accomplish starting right away. Strong employees always look for ways to grow, and are hungry for it.. We want to make sure that we are responsive, hon...

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Kandace Spivey
Other - Alliant Group - 77056

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Leah McGriff
Other - Kelly Services - 32216

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Gilles Aouizerat
Other - PCX

With 22 years of experience and staff that have been here almost since inception, employees can benefit hugely from a bench of extensive experience with a cumulative of over 200 years of know-how.. Stick-to-it-iveness, positive mind-set, work ethic, desire for continual growth and learning, excitement about learning the craft of sales from seasoned pros. An Open-minded and welcoming environment with feedback, clear instruction and training, tracking of Key Measurements Indicators, and weekly meetings to review and learn from those. teamwork and leader...

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Amanda Porter
Other - NGP Management dba Dunkin Donuts

tbd. tbd. tbd. Room for growth, great benefits, fun culture! . tbd. tbd

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Deborah Trette
Other - 21Tech/Talent Table, LLC - 94612

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