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Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Transportation & Logistics - Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

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Benita Roden
Transportation & Logistics - Hartwig Transit

I started with Hartwig Transit in March of 2010 as a part admin. I progressed in my career over the years and became the Terminal Manager, for our largest operation, in Cincinnati, OH. I am now the HR manager and hire for the entire company. My many years with the company and learning all the aspects gives me the knowledge to properly inform those of all the benefits of working for us.. Dedicated and Safety Conscience with a clean MVR, 25 years of age, at least 1 year of driving experience and a clean background. We have been in business since 1929...

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Juan Soto
Transportation & Logistics - Jars Delivery

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James Brees
Transportation & Logistics - Lobos Driving Academy

I am the primary recruiter for Lobos Driving Academy and I am heavily involved with the entrance requirements, materials, and testing.. An ideal candidate is someone who is, above all else, 100% committed to following through with the program all the way. We also want people who are driven, passionate about obtaining their CDL and/or about driving over the road as a career.. We offer paid training and an intensive course that goes beyond simply getting a license, but getting real world experience as well.. We get them into a driving job and on the roa...

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