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Keith Korth
Accounting & Finance - Mid Valley Financial

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Dean M. Basse
na - DJB

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Joe C
Engineering & Architecture - Mingle

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Joe C
Engineering & Architecture - Mingle

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Ohio National
Insurance - Ohio National Financial Services - 45242

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LDK Logistics
na - LDK Logistics

I own the company.. Experience with logistics, Great sales ability. High ethical standards.. Very high customer service quality. Niche expertise in white glove first/final mile logistics solutions.. Great benefits, fun and respectful work culture.. Culture, niche, business development potential.. Drive, professionalism, and care about providing great customer service.

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Executive Recruitment Team
Management & Business - Knightcare Management, LLC

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Roya Niakiani
Healthcare & Medical - 6th Avenue Periodontics

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Paul Fleischman
Human Resources - Alliance Payroll Services - 77381

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Theo Shaughnessy
Sales & Sales Management - American Foods

Excellent customer service.. We are looking for positive, motivated individuals with good personalities. . The highest quality foods available.. 401k. Paid vacations, sick time and holidays. Career opportunities. Great work environment.. Working with a great team. Making excellent money and having fun doing it.. Motivation, personality and a great attitude

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