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Shelly Wells
Other - Cornerstone Credit Services

I speak with people from all different professional backgrounds and I continually look for ways to give people a clear idea of what it means to work here, and I ask them to give me a clear idea of who they are, how a career here fits in with their view of the world, and how they expect to make a difference.. An ideal candidate is a person that keeps their mind open to the possibilities of what they can accomplish starting right away. Strong employees always look for ways to grow, and are hungry for it.. We want to make sure that we are responsive, hon...

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Kandace Spivey
Other - Alliant Group - 77056

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Morgan Arroyo
Healthcare & Medical - BJC HealthCare

World class healthcare partnered with world class leaders in medicine.. Strive to deliver a great candidate experience. Community outreach and bringing top talent to support the communities, patients and families we serve.

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Jocelin Bowen
Insurance - Munich American Reassurance Company - 30346

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Jenny Budd
Human Resources - Coastal Payroll

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Joey Rodriguez
Sales & Sales Management - BJ Alan Co. DBA Phantom Fireworks

Phantom Fireworks: Operators over 1,200 temporary tent/stands locations in the US Operate over 70 permanent showrooms Occupies over 1 million square feet of warehouse space Enjoys great name recognition and loyalty form consumers with our exclusive Phantom, Wolfpack and Grucci Collection brands . Responsible, skilled in working with people, high energy groups or individuals that will like to earn a good amount of money over a relatively short period of time. Quality & professionalism . Higher percentage compensation . Quality and pr...

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Yolanda Mendoza
Nonprofit - Rosemary Children's Services

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Georgia Coward
Telecommunications - Computer-Talk

I'm not looking for you to understand the technical specifications of our product before the interview. I want to make sure your ready for the ride of your life as you embark your journey at Computer-Talk. What makes me an industry expert? I work everyday to ensure our employees are happy and feeling fulfilled in their roles, so I get to understand the attitude it takes to succeed at our company. And we want you to not only succeed, but to surpass any expectation, even the ones you set for yourself.. The ideal candidate for computer talk is someone wh...

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Keith Korth
Accounting & Finance - Mid Valley Financial

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Dean M. Basse
na - DJB

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