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Bennett White
Construction & Extraction - Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. - 95472-5258

A never ending pursuit of excellence.. Trustworthy. Servants heart, money is the by product of a job well done, not the other way around.. We don't just want them to invest into us we invest into them.. The trust we earn from our clients after meeting and hopefully beating their expectations. Trustworthiness, team player, oh yeah, skills help.

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Debbie Denson
Manufacturing & Production - The Gund Company - 63114

11 years with The Gund Company!. Someone that is flexible with a good attitude with determination and ability to serve our customers both internal & external.. We have 3 pillars that drive our company. Our core values are built on Taking Care of Each Other, Taking Care of the Customer and Taking Care of the Business.. We provide prompt service to potential candidates and assist in answering any questions they may have. Everyday is a new day with its challenges. We make custom insulating parts for electrical power system equipment and serve 8 niche m...

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Stephen Simolari
Human Resources - - 92101

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Juan Soto
Transportation & Logistics - Jars Delivery

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Integrated Behavioral Technologies
Nonprofit - Integrated Behavioral Technologies

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Pamela Fink
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - The JDK Group - 17011

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Kelly Price
Legal Services - Law Office of James J. Kenny

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Alexander Bylim
Clerical & Administrative - Dance Studio - 10591

Ballroom dance has been my life for as long as I can remember. I have transitioned from being a student to a professional competitor to an instructor to a studio owner, and now to a National Dance Co-Director for the franchise. I've seen what makes clients and studios alike succeed and I believe our studio embraces all the best of what I've seen and experienced.. Outgoing, hands-on, personable, strong customer service skills, organized, focused, knowledge of MS Office and databases.. The way our lessons are structured, the top-notch professional instr...

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Adrian Velasco
Manufacturing & Production - H-E-B Grocery

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Leah McGriff
Other - Kelly Services - 32216

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