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Glen Murray
na - Telegartner Inc

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Gilles Aouizerat
Other - PCX

With 22 years of experience and staff that have been here almost since inception, employees can benefit hugely from a bench of extensive experience with a cumulative of over 200 years of know-how.. Stick-to-it-iveness, positive mind-set, work ethic, desire for continual growth and learning, excitement about learning the craft of sales from seasoned pros. An Open-minded and welcoming environment with feedback, clear instruction and training, tracking of Key Measurements Indicators, and weekly meetings to review and learn from those. teamwork and leader...

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Tracy Reichlin
Education, Training, & Library - JKL Bahweting Anishnabe School - 49783

JKL is a K-8 Michigan public charter school dedicated to outstanding educational experiences, serving approximately 500 students. . JKL offers a comprehensive benefits package.

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Kathleen Lynch
Human Resources - TalentMatch LLC

An experienced and result driven professional possessing an outstanding record of accomplishment within the Recruitment and Talent Management industry. With over twenty five years experience providing custom recruitment services to both large national firms and niche start ups throughout North America, this hardworking manager excels at conceiving unique solutions to customer "people" needs. . As we staff a number of different opportunities in various vertical markets -ideal candidates are those that are communicative, focused and hard working. . Tal...

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Ryan Acker
Public Utilities & Services - MPI Protective Service

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State Systems, Inc
Sales & Sales Management - State Systems, Inc.

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Barrett Mayfield
Healthcare & Medical - Eclipse Surgicare

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Kenneth Jamaca
Information Technology - Silverback Migration Solutions, Inc - 94551

I founded the company in 2003 - we've grown every year since. . Well rounded, dedicated, customer focused - top 3.. We are a powerhouse in our space, the 800lb gorilla, so to speak.. * A great team-oriented environment * The freedom to work remotely * A chance to be creative and make a difference * A competitive compensation package * Excellent medical benefits * Generous vacation policy. The people. My team is quite diverse in personality and skillset - but we come together for customer projects like no other. It really is impressive to watch.. ...

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Lindsey Goetz
Human Resources - Lofton Corporation

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Sharon Fennell
Engineering & Architecture - ReNuke Services, Inc.

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