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Healthcare & Medical - HMSA

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Monica Peterson
Healthcare & Medical - CSI Specialty Group

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Barrett Mayfield
Healthcare & Medical - Eclipse Surgicare

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Julie Porter
Healthcare & Medical - MedCare Staffing, Inc. - 30134

20 years experience. Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant. Personal touch. Medical Malpractice Insurance,. Opportunity to help in the physician shortage Nationwide. Hard work, ability to listen, integrity

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Heidi Rudolph
Healthcare & Medical - Rydek Professional Staffing

Over a Decade of Recruitment, Retention and Candidate/Client Relations.

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Debra Lacey
Healthcare & Medical - Home Health & Hospice Care

Extensive healthcare recruiting experience. . 1-2 yrs. of experience, homecare experience a plus! . We are the premier awarding winning VNA in Southern NH. . We offer a generous benefits package including tuition reimbursement of $2000 a year! Best of all, our non-profit agency offers a culture of compassion, quality and respect. Don't just find a job - find meaning in what you do. . Providing best practices in healthcare. . Commitment, hard work, treating people with the best healthcare practices including dignity, compassion and respect.

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Julie Golich
Healthcare & Medical - Sleep Data - 92108

I have been working at Sleep Data for 3 years. In those three years, I have seen tremendous growth. We have increased staff from 35 to 87 employees and are still growing! I work closely with clinical operations and am well versed in our business model. I've picked up some clinical knowledge about sleep along the way too!. Our ideal candidate is someone who thrives in a fast paced, ever changing environment. We value critical thinking and we are looking for people who are not afraid to give their input, and who can back up their ideas and decisions wit...

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Andrew Sylvia
Healthcare & Medical - National Quality Forum - 20005

20 years of staffing experience and 8 years at NQF. . Flexible, hardworking and someone that understands the value of building relationships. . We are the industry leader in our space. . Working at NQF allows candidates to network with very prominent people in the healthcare arena. . The mission driven staff. . The willingness to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

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Marco Martinez
Healthcare & Medical - VibrantCare Rehabilitation - 95661

Five years plus experience with VibrantCare Rehabilitation. . Some who is passionate about working in outpatient physical therapy.. Our VISION: To BE the BEST rehab provider in the communities that we serve! The VibrantCare Way is to provide optimal outcomes while also providing a SUPERIOR PATIENT EXPERIENCE!. Strong understanding of the position, benefits and company culture!. Finding talented individuals to join our TEAM!. Our motto is ONE TEAM, ONE VISION as a way of reminding everyone that our COLLECTIVE SUCCESS depends on all TEAM Members!

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Cheryl Perry
Healthcare & Medical - Paris Regional Medical Center - 75460

20 years of employment. Paris Regional Medical Center, located in Paris, Texas, is licensed for 300 beds, general acute-care hospital serving Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma. Our health and wellness services include cardiac rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging, digital mammography, emergency healthcare, heart hospital services, intensive care, laboratory services, men’s health, orthopedics, physical rehabilitation, senior transitions – inpatient, psychiatric programs, women’s health services, wound care and pediatrics.

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