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Donna Coolbaugh
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - Higginbotham Brothers

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Cathy Owell
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - Coast to Coast Computer Products, Inc.

I have been in the Industry for going on 18 years and I study my craft, as Technology is constantly evolving ...I want grow with the changing times. Some4one with a good attitude and who enjoys talking on the phone and is enthusiastic. . We are more about the customer needs and we are a family.. I train from the ground up...Not afraid to hire people with little or no experience in the Industry. The fact that we change people lives. . A commitment to grow and learn and willingness to learn as we grow together

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Jamie Spurlock
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - Les Schwab

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Human Resources
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - Graham’s Lighting Fixtures - 38104

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Theresa Anderson
Merchandising, Purchasing & Retail - Sweet Paper

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