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Heidi Bleil
Sales & Sales Management - Wyndham Vacation Ownership - 65616

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Tyler Espitia
Sales & Sales Management -

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Joey Rodriguez
Sales & Sales Management - BJ Alan Co. DBA Phantom Fireworks

Phantom Fireworks: Operators over 1,200 temporary tent/stands locations in the US Operate over 70 permanent showrooms Occupies over 1 million square feet of warehouse space Enjoys great name recognition and loyalty form consumers with our exclusive Phantom, Wolfpack and Grucci Collection brands . Responsible, skilled in working with people, high energy groups or individuals that will like to earn a good amount of money over a relatively short period of time. Quality & professionalism . Higher percentage compensation . Quality and pr...

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Edina Cekic
Sales & Sales Management -

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Kiera Larbre
Sales & Sales Management - Sonoma Promotional Solutions

20+ years in business. quick to learn, team player, ability to work independently, detail oriented. quality, customer service, providing solutions. team atmosphere, benefits. being part of a great team of people. enthusiasm, creativity, ability to pitch in

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State Systems, Inc
Sales & Sales Management - State Systems, Inc.

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Scott Berger
Sales & Sales Management - Midas Management, Inc.

16+ years recruiting in software sales, with a heavy focus in application software (i.e. HCM / Human Capital Management, Talent Management, ERP, Supply Chain, CRM, etc.. Seasoned, successful field sales individuals with experience from the one or more of the areas we focus on.. Focus / specialization in very specific market areas.. Knowledge of the marketplace, our customers, prepping for interviews, desire to better learn ambitions and goals of the candidate, etc.. NA. NA

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JohnRecruiter Smith
Sales & Sales Management - Mingle, LLC - 92101

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Bill Baracani
Sales & Sales Management - Harbeck Associates - 34113

17 years of experience attracting top performing sales managers at all levels along with every type of sales rep, within the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device industries. This is my niche and where my network lives I am a former pharmaceutical and medical device sales representative with a true understanding of what it takes to be successful in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic sales. I have sold in physician offices, clinics, hospitals, the OR and LTC during my time at Roche, Stryker and Clinical Systems.. Well d...

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Ronnie Ricci
Sales & Sales Management -

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