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Carol Martin
Manufacturing & Production - Andover Healthcare

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Susan Woodson
Manufacturing & Production - Weststar Precision - 27539

My role as Hiring Manager for the past 10 years, has kept me informed and up todate on the needs as well as future needs happening at Weststar.. Weststar hires candidates with a proven track record based on a proven work history of reliablity, proficiency and ability to look towards future personal growth.. We are an advanced machining company. Our equipment is state of the art and cutting edge technology in the aerospace industry. . Our benefit plan is robust and beneficial for the long term employee.. Our products are used by customers world wide i...

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Recruitment Manager
Manufacturing & Production - 4D Signworx - 77055

Knowledge of the sign design process as it applies to our customer's branding goals.. An ideal candidate for 4D Signworx knows the customer comes first, no matter what. They're willing to contribute their knowledge, skills and dedication to constantly deliver the best products possible. . We are a custom sign builder that is willing to build one-of-a-kind sign solutions for our customers rather than pitching a "Canned Approach" to sign-making. Building around a vision is what distinguishes us from others. . The ability to grow in conjunction with the ...

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Yvonne Balli
Manufacturing & Production -

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Mike Addis
Manufacturing & Production - Solar Tactical - 94541

USMC Honor Graduate and Veteran with experience in foreign countries and Presidential protection at Camp David.. We are experienced Tactical Shooters and compete regularly using our products. Not to mention, our real world experience in hostile environments around the globe.. Real world knowledge, top-notch manufacturing processes and continued innovation. Our products consistently out-perform cheap 'knock-offs' from our competitors.. We continue to innovate and develop products right here in the USA. . Check out

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