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Eric Miller
Accounting & Finance - Citizens Business Bank

15+ years experience. Good track record, subject matter expert, good scholastic achievement. Being ranked the #1 Bank in the Country (by Forbes). Stability plus a chance to earn beyond your base salary. Money. Just like any business--- being able to overcome objections

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Martha Wilson
Travel, Hospitality & Restaurant - Galactic Performance Solutions

Timely, professional, courteous correspondence and communication with clients, vendors and colleagues; Highly Ethical and Good Character; Good Common Sense/ Intelligent; Excellent Interpersonal skills (friendly, outgoing)Attention to Detail; Well Organized with an ability to Prioritize and Multi-Task; Extremely Customer Service Orientated; Patient, Flexible Attitude; Ability to Work within and meet Strict Deadlines/ Time Management; Ability to Work under pressure in a Fast Paced, Demanding Environment; Self-Motivated but also Follows Instruct...

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Sue Fisher
Construction & Extraction - Rexco Equipment

We've been in business over 50 years. Some of our employees have been with us 15 or more years. We have some of the best knowledge of our products in the industry.. We are looking for someone who is focused and determined to get the job done right while being respectful and valuing people. Being open-minded and creative to new ideas and coming up with solutions to solve our customers problems. It is important our employees build a positive team and family culture and also to build loyalty through great customer service.. We have quality product wi...

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Jason Matuska
Information Technology - Configuration Management, Inc.

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Linda Hermeneanu
Clerical & Administrative - EEP - 44333

Local market and very connected. Someone with the skill and experience supported by our market. ISO 9000 and our standardized selection process. Benefits, Holiday and vacations pay. People who want to work and helping good people find good jobs.. willingness to work and learn and show up everyday.

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Carmen Peschke
Other - Environmental Management Services, Inc.

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Kary Perez
Legal Services - Hodgson Russ LLP

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Kaylie Levasseur
na - North Western Marketing Concepts

I have worked with NWMC for 3 years and have seen how successful the people we train become. . Someone who holds a excellent work ethic. Someone who wants a long term career. Someone who holds a student mentality. Someone who has and maintains a positive attitude. . We train and develop candidates into successful business owners. They have the opportunity to complete our training program and expand with our clients and our company.. The opportunity to run a successful business with a Fortune 500 Client. And everything that I learned along the way both...

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Randi Henderson
Education, Training, & Library - KellyEducationalStaffing

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Jena Grees
Other - Vortex USA

World leader in the aquatic play industry, Vortex Aquatic Structures International Inc. is specialized in the design, manufacturing, distribution, installation and sale of aquatic play products, which offer a unique design for interactive play in water for the whole family. . An ambitious, self-motivated person, that thrives in a fast-paced environment.. At Vortex our goal is to connect – connect children, friends, families and communities through incredible play experiences using water. Internally, we create connections as well through multidiscip...

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