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Maggie Hird
Human Resources - ANCILE Solutions, Inc. - 21075

I have over 10 years of recruitment experience both for Corporations and Staffing Agencies covering various industries. . The ideal candidate is a self starter who can wear many hats. Our employees are customer focused and team oriented.. We have the leading product on the market to help organizations maximize their technology investment by driving user adoption.. I believe in full transparency and respect during the interview process. In a perfect career dance, both parties have something significant to offer and its my role to facilitate and chor...

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Shante Lampkin
Nonprofit - Neighborhood House Association - 92111

I am genuinely concerned about the growth, development, and betterment of our community, as is the Neighborhood House Association. The passion along with the knowledge and skill I have for what I do makes me an industry expert for Neighborhood House Association.. The ideal candidate for Neighborhood House Association is one that is dedicated to our mission of developing children, families, and the community we serve and personifies our values: integrity, service, and excellence.. Neighborhood House Association services the community and whole family u...

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Bette Hagerty
Information Technology - Melissa DATA Corp

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Nicole Frank
Construction & Extraction - Hyder Construction - 80204

Long tenure in the industry and in HR.. Demonstrate Integrity, Professionalism, and Accountability in all they say and do.. We think outside the box to bring the best value to our clients and bring passion to building.. We're capable, reliable and versatile.. The projects we build and the staff we build with.. Passion and motivation.

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JohnRecruiter Smith
Sales & Sales Management - Mingle, LLC - 92101

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Rob Kurz
Healthcare & Medical - KurzSolutions

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Stratacuity HR
Science & Biotech - Stratacuity

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Recruitment Manager
Manufacturing & Production - 4D Signworx - 77055

Knowledge of the sign design process as it applies to our customer's branding goals.. An ideal candidate for 4D Signworx knows the customer comes first, no matter what. They're willing to contribute their knowledge, skills and dedication to constantly deliver the best products possible. . We are a custom sign builder that is willing to build one-of-a-kind sign solutions for our customers rather than pitching a "Canned Approach" to sign-making. Building around a vision is what distinguishes us from others. . The ability to grow in conjunction with the ...

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Warren E
Engineering & Architecture - Mingle, LLC

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Ida Woo
Engineering & Architecture - Mingle, LLC

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