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Dean M. Basse
na - DJB

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Ohio National
Insurance - Ohio National Financial Services - 45242

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Executive Recruitment Team
Management & Business - Knightcare Management, LLC

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Paul Fleischman
Human Resources - Alliance Payroll Services - 77381

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Ronda Shutt
na - Payroll Link, Inc. - 91730

Training and resources available to our clients.. College graduate, tech-savy, advanced Excel user, creative, understands payroll, looking for a career in the Human Capital Management industry.. Service, flexibility, service.. Full benefits package and an awesome workplace environment.. The people! Stability and growth of the company.. Creative thinking, over-acheiving, deadline meeting, positive attitude.

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Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Transportation & Logistics - Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

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Edina Cekic
Sales & Sales Management -

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Tiffany Cutler
Public Utilities & Services - Staples Energy Services LLC

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Andrea Arterburn
Public Utilities & Services - CQG, INC

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Emily Nelson
Human Resources - Mingle, LLC

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