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Brian Jardon
Science & Biotech - DOCS

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Statistician, Biostatistician, Phlebotomist, Medical records, file clerk, filing, record filing, document management, File Clerk, Medical Records, documents, filing, document management, files, Manager of Data Management
Jamie Pruitt
Science & Biotech - DOCS

3 years of recruiting experience . An ideal candidate for DOCS Global should have at least two years of industry experience. They should have a solid understanding of the clinical research industry and the drug development process and be well versed in different therapeutic areas. We prefer candidates with a Bachelor's degree or higher in the Life Sciences or other similar areas.. We have been providing staffing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for thirty years and are known throughout the United States. We have a tenured r...

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Associate Director, Drug Safety, Clinical Research Physician, pharmacovigilance, safety surveillance, Bilingual, Spanish, CMA, Certified Medical Assistant, phlebotomy, pulmonary function tests, In-House CRA, Phase I, clinical research, monitoring, CRA, metabolic, endocrinology, ClinForce, Clinical Research Associates, Regional CRAs, Clinical Research Scientists, Directors/Associate Directors, Clinical Research Coordinators, Certified Medical Assistants, Contract Managers/Associates, Project Managers, Clinical Research Coordinators, Drug Safety Associates, Medical Writers, Regulatory Affairs Associates, Clinical Data Managers/Coordinators, Statisticians, Biostatisticians, SAS Programmers, Research Scientists, Lab Techs, Chemists, Biologist, Molecular Biologist, Microbiologists, Clinical Research Jobs, Clinical Data Jobs, Preclinical Jobs, Clinical Trial Specialist, Clinical Research Assistant, Clinical Trial Associate, Project Coordinator, Study Start-up Specialist, regulatory document review, clinical research coordinator, medical writer, pharmaceutical, medical writing, clinical study reports, investigator brochures, NDA, IND, Certified Medical Assistant, CMA, Bilingual, Spanish-speaking, CPR Certified, phlebotomy, Laboratory technician, lab tech, Research Associate, Scientific Technician, Chemist, chemistry, laboratory skills, Phlebotomy, Registered Nurse, Certified Medical Assistant, LPN, clinical assesments, blood draws, IV Therapy, phlebotomist, Physician Assistant, PA, Physician's Assistant, PA-C,
Mike Addis
Manufacturing & Production - Solar Tactical - 94541

USMC Honor Graduate and Veteran with experience in foreign countries and Presidential protection at Camp David.. We are experienced Tactical Shooters and compete regularly using our products. Not to mention, our real world experience in hostile environments around the globe.. Real world knowledge, top-notch manufacturing processes and continued innovation. Our products consistently out-perform cheap 'knock-offs' from our competitors.. We continue to innovate and develop products right here in the USA. . Check out

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AK, MAGAZINE, LOCK, bullet, button, california, legal, featureless, mag lock, AR15, compensators, california, legal, featureless, grips, magazines, sertsp-mag, magnetic bullet button tool, 10/30 in,, calguns, AR15, AR-15, #AR15, bushmaster acr accessories,
Josh Slimmer
Human Resources - Jericho HR Group

Was a corporate HRVP for 20 years in multiple industries. Currently run the Jericho HR Group finding great HR, Sales & MarCom and "C"-level candidates nationwide and across industries.. Super candidates nationwide.. We get the job done.. We have fun while we're working.. "Helping People Work Better Together"

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Human, Resources, Compensation, Benefits, Talent, Labor, Total Rewards, Compensation, Benefits, Hospital, Nursing, Quality, Marketing, CPG, Retail, food, implementation, HRMS, project management, SAAS, ultipro, Human Resources, media, multi-unit, multi-site, employee relations, Human Resources, biotech, pharma, healthcare, medical, Manager, Government Ethics, legal, ethics, law, Human Resources, Safety, manufacturing, Benefits, ADA, 401k, multi-state, Human Resources, Financial services, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Communication, Marketing, Telecom, Marketing, Publishing, Public Relations, Media, human resources, logistics, international, actuary, insurance, Treasury, insurance, project management
James TheTester
Accounting & Finance - climberz

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Shannon Marshall
Healthcare & Medical - JanigaMDs

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Christina Swanson
Healthcare & Medical - San Diego Sports Medicine

Great people with a fun environment.. Experience and training.. A hard work ethic, drive, passion to help others and respect.

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medical assistant, medical, doctor, medical assistant jobs, medical assistants, assistant, nurse, nurses, PA
Climber Exclusive Jobs
Insurance -

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costpoint, cost point, dcaa, pricing, incurred cost submissions, proposal coordinator, proposal assistant
Corey Matthews
Management & Business - VerticalReach Consulting Group, LLC - 75206

19 years of practice.. Top of your class with limited opportunity for advancement given the status quo at your present employer.. Tightly managed "work in progress", which facilitates a much higher focus on sourcing and due diligence for A-list clients resulting in higher quality process and "time to fill.". We communicate the facts on the ground as they are along with our insights as to how to move forward in your career.. Working with industry-leading clients that value collaborative partnerships and candidates that continually move the bar higher.....

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Tom Smith
Engineering & Architecture - Continental Consultants - 29210

Worked in the chemical industry as a chemical engineer (12 yrs) prior to being a technical recruiter (21 yrs). At least a BS degree in engineering with practical experience in a plant. Need leadership skills and strong work ethic.. We really get to know our clients as we try to visit them on a routine basis.. We try to be as honest as possible. Confidentiality on both sides is critical.. Being a critical part in the careers of candidates and the success with our clients.. Perserverance, dedication, ethics, integrity and being as optimistic as possib...

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fixed equipment, stationary, maintenance, engineer, reliability, mechanical integrity, analytical, instrumentation, chemist, wet method, analysis, HPLC, GC, composite, R&D, process, engineer, non union, chemical, manufacturing, hands-on, leader, pathology, pathologist, medical doctor, diagnostics, clinical analysis, dermatopathologist, gastrointestinal, supply chain, materials manager, purchasing, production planning, scheduling, APICS, CPM, financial, analyst, forecasts, CPA, SAP, international, global, accounting, budgeting, planning, chemical engineer, petroleum, hydraulic facturing, fracking, oil well, viscosity reduction, gel breaking, sulfates, completions, analytical, lab manager, method development, spectroscopy, chromatograpy, chemicals, validation, instrument calibration, human resources, HRIS, change agent, SPHR, employee relations, business partner, influential, integrity, communications, leader